A MAZE. established since 2008 is an international arthouse label in the field of games and playful media that includes independent and alternative game projects, virtual realities and other digital playful dimensions.

A MAZE. is since 2020 developing on a virtual 3D multiplayer culture experience. It is a space for immersive art, world building, avatars, arthouse games and music performances, festivals and all kind exhibitions. Our A MAZE. / SPACE is available for Windows, Mac, Quest link and PC VR (Rift, HTC Vive) .

Interdisciplinary game and virtual reality centered events and productions transcending media channels and cultures are the signature feature of A MAZE.. We’re producing, consulting and curating festivals, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, showcases, game jams, artist in residence programs and publishing magazines.

A MAZE. is representing the current experimental and artistic movement of thoughtful and reflected playful content in games, virtual reality and playful media.

With our festivals, exhibitions and the pop-up in various creative scenes in countries like Lithuania, Serbia, Hongkong, Croatia, Romania, Palestine, Russia, South Africa, Kosovo, Cuba, UE, Kenya and Ukraine we’re building on a global movement of an independent and meaningful games culture.

Our annual festival A MAZE. / Berlin highlights controversial and subversive games and their creators/ authors with the A MAZE. Awards in six categories. With our selection we foster a diverse and artistic taste beyond the mainstream.


Founded in 2008

The start.

Founded in 2008 in Berlin by Thorsten S. Wiedemann and Michael Liebe to celebrate the convergence of games, art and other media.

Next era - 2012 to now.

Amazing meaningful and adventurous gaming world.

In 2012 Thorsten S. Wiedemann founded A MAZE. GmbH. With a diverse team A MAZE. evolved to an impactful international label of alternative digital play culture, arthouse games and playful media.

Arthouse Games and Playful Media

Art and playfulness is what thrives us.

Focussing on experimental, meaningful, artistic, impactful games and playful media projects and its globally active arthouse games movement.

Worldwide network

Community is everything.

A MAZE. is known for its adventurous pop up events and festivals around the world. We have worked sofar with partners in Lithuania, Serbia, Hongkong, Croatia, Romania, Palestine, Russia, South Africa, Kosovo, Cuba, UE, Kenya and Ukraine.

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Working with like-minded and trustable partners is the basis of going on a successful and adventurous mission.

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