A MAZE. / Nairobi


We create cultural and knowledge exchange on an professional and international level for the pan african games and playful media scence. Former in Johannesburg (2012-2017) we are planning to organize A MAZE. / Nairobi 2020. Since 2012 our work in South Africa fosters the local and the wide-spread african scene to own identity and international visibilty. A MAZE. in Johannesburg became a spring-board event for international success. We are all certain A MAZE. / Nairobi will have similar impact!

The goal of the A MAZE. / Johannesburg was to create an evolving platform for African and international playful media artists and independent game developers. Basically, the festival creates and opens up a playground for everyone who wants to experience the Human-Human-Machine Interaction. A MAZE. / Johannesburg provided a discursive program with talks, workshops, screenings, games exhibition, play installations, concerts and performances. Our good work will continue in Nairobi!

If you want to donate or sponsor the first A MAZE. / Nairobi Festival we are happy to give you more details. Please contact us: contact@a-maze.net