A MAZE. Kharkiv Pop up

Feb 15th to Feb 17th 2019 — Kharkiv, Ukraine

invited by Plan B Festival

Since 3 years A MAZE. is curating a pop up event in the field of games and playful media in cooperation with Plan B Festival in Kharkiv. The goal is to activate the local community and make them sensitive for artistic and cultural relevant content in games. This year we are able to bring the Digital Garden Exhibition, three playful digital artists and game makers with talks and workshops and an 8hrs game jam.


  • Thorsten S. Wiedemann (Germany)

    Thorsten S. Wiedemann is founder and artistic director of A MAZE.. He produces and curates festivals, exhibitions and workshops in the field of games and playful media. With A MAZE. in Berlin and "A MAZE. in Johannesburg (until 2017), he created two annual international festivals to represent authorship and artistic expression in digital games and other realities. 
He generates new controversial formats (e.g. A MAZE. Magazine, A MAZE. Pop-ups) and gives room for experimentation, collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange. Thorsten established since 2012 the A MAZE. Awards, which goes to unique, thought-provoking and artistic games in six categories. His focus is on the interdisciplinary discourse, good parties and in filling the gaps between games, art and culture. He is also the first VR Naut as he’s spent 48hrs in VR straight for his performance piece „Disconnected"! He lives and works in Berlin.*

  • Meredith Thomas (UK)

    Meredith is an artist and creative technologist based in Berlin. He studied biomedical engineering and science communication at Imperial College London. After moving to Berlin he became interested in creative uses of technology. His work now focuses on intersections between artistic tradition and practice and new technology.

  • Jonas Bohatsch (Austria)

    Jonas Bohatsch is a media artist and creative technologist who likes to tinker and experiment on the intersections of Art, Technology & Design.


  • Dec 1st – A MAZE. Game Jam

    It's time for some game prototyping! Type and draw away, make strange sounds and create fun out of thin air:
    A MAZE. Game Jam is an 8 hour prototyping workshop: After we know the theme, we form teams or go solo to make game graphics, concepts and prototypes on computers, phones, cardboard or physical space. At the end, we present the results to each other.

    Create whatever you want, just bring any materials you need. There is no hardware or material provided on-site unless specifically mentioned.

    Everyone is welcome! Really! Artists, game designers, coders, hobbyists or professionals. Any gender, any background! We always have lots of new people, so don't worry if you don't know anybody yet: You're quite welcome too. If you want to, you will find a team at the jam, so coming alone is no problem.

    12:00 Doors open, get to know people
    12:00 Theme annoucement, Brainstorming and Teambuilding
    13:00 Jam starts
    21:00 End presentations start

  • Jan 1st – A MAZE. Workshop: INSPIRATION AND IDEATION with Jonas Bohatsch

    This workshop wants to light your inspirational fire and is for everyone interested in either one, some or all of the following: ideation, game design, media arts. When it comes to develop ideas a systematic approach can win over waiting for spontaneous input. In view of the upcoming game jam I will introduce techniques you can use to generate ideas. For inspirational purposes I will also show you examples of supposedly interesting game design as well as media art projects.

  • Jan 1st – A MAZE. Workshop: SPACE BÜXXEE - DIY SYNTHESIZER IN A CAN with Meredith Thomas


    In this workshop we will build a synthesizer in a can, using simple electronics. We will learn how to construct & solder a basic sound circuit & fit it into a soda can. Design is based on LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER's Red Bull can synthesizer.

    We have space for around 15 people and the workshop should take around 3 hours. No previous experience (electronic or otherwise) necessary. This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners! We will learn how a simple oscillator works & how to solder the sound circuit. Everybody will leave with their own special sound can!

  • Jan 1st – A MAZE. Hyper Talks with many by Thorsten S. Wiedemann

    Hyper Talks on Tour at Plan B Festival in Kharikiv

    We are super happy that the A MAZE. Hyper Talks – a 5 minutes open minded talk format, established back in 2014 – will be part of the Ludicious Festival in Zurich. Our founder and directo Thorsten S. Wiedemann will host the show on Saturday February 16 at 8:00pm.

    Expect 10 delightful, thoughtful and also humorous talks.

A MAZE. Digital Garden

A garden for life! A garden eden! A garden of play! A garden of reflection ! A garden of peace ! A garden of dreams! A garden of love !

The Digital Garden Exhibition, curated by Thorsten S. Wiedemann, founder and artistic director of the playful media festival A MAZE., is a garden of 1000 gardens and a metaphor of change. Nature is precious, nature is strong, nature is what people need to relax, reflect and celebrate. This exhibition is an oasis that creates narratives and interaction around nature, plant, leisure in digital games and virtual reality and real life. We want to make people more sensitive about how we should treat our nature instead of destroying little by little our own garden to case away to new planet.

Love is nature, respect is nature, caring is nature, caring about others is the new punk. Be yourself and hack the system to the good! Everyone is a good gardener.


    Biome Collective

    Garden is a unique sensory experience that evokes awe, discovery and creative world-building through a stunningly realised responsive musical environment. Mesmerising organic visuals and elegant gameplay encourage the discovery, collection and planting of luminous seeds found on empty alien worlds. As you nurture and sustain your plants, there is a dawning realisation that you are making music as you grow your garden.

  • Wobble Garden

    Robin Baumgarten

    Wobble Garden is a hand-crafted arrangement of sensing springs combined with reactive lighting. Players wobble springs to interact with the installation and play games. It creates a unique visual and tactile experience and will be scaleable to a several meter large installation.

  • Floragram

    Armel Gibson, Théo Le Du, Maxime Conquy & Delphine Fourneau

    Write a few words for someone dear to you, without naming them. End your message by pressing the validation key, and see the vegetation on the island grows ~ Floragram was made in 48h during ZooMachines Festival 2016 and was originally played with a real typewriter. Typing a message would make the vegetation grow on screen. Once the message was typed, it was rolled up and put into a bottle.

  • Alea

    Paloma Dawkins, Cale Bradbury, and Calia Thompson-Hannant

    By the creator of Gardenarium, gadget hippy Paloma Dawkins, and Gifsmith Cale Bradbury, and tunes by Mozarts Sister Caila Thompson comes a psychedelic game thats like a hiking or forest simulator combined with dance dance revolution or guitar hero, or maybe nothing you've ever seen before! All you need is a keyboard, sunglasses, trail mix, LSD, keyboard, map, bird guide, etc. Your goal is to zen out till the end of the track without missing a beat, while making sure to listen and watch the plants as they communicate to you. Inspired by hiking with friends that suck at nature, don't feed the squirrels. Because there aren't any.

  • A Good Gardener

    Ian Endsley and Carter Lodwick


  • Garden Garden

    Concrete Games

    A zen and oniric gardening game.

  • Garden of Calm

    Olivia Haines

    Chill out and wander around a little garden~ There's no final objective or a focus on mechanics - I just wanted to making something cute, fun and calming.

  • Ghost Pond

    Tituoan Millet

    Ghost Pond is an "aquarium", meaning that its only purpose is to be contemplated. There is no interaction possible from the player, but the entities present in the pond will behave and interact together in different ways.

  • Contre-ciel

    Tatiana Vilela

    Contre-ciel is a playful installation based on a projected hanging sky framed in moldings and a digital piano made available to the audience. The weather, time and celestial bodies through the window change depending on the pianist's playing. Players must discover these grammar rules by musically exploring the artificial sky.

  • The Ziums Garden

    Michael Berto

    Digital Art Collection in a garden.